by Deep Blue Graphics, Inc.
  • Encouraging Words Gift Set - Soak & Radiate

    Words have immense power to teach, heal, and guide us. We've carefully curated this set of Encouraging Words as a tool for God to use to speak into your unique life. Our prayer is for each word, definition, and prayer to help you recognize the sound of God's voice. Display them anywhere you need the reminder to soak in and radiate God's love, truth, and light. 

    Soak & Radiate

    Featuring six Encouraging Words: Soak. Radiate. Trust. Obey. Listen. Follow. Each Encouraging Words Gift Set includes:

    • 6 Linen Cards, each 4x4 inches
      On the Front: A pretty graphic and encouraging word
      On the Back: A simple definition to guide your understanding. A prayer to focus your attention on soaking in and radiating God’s love, truth and light in your unique way. 
    • 6 Encouraging Word stickers, each 3.5x3.5 inches.
      Use them on your laptop, notebook, journal... be creative!
    • 1 Wood slice card holder/stand (dimensions will vary as these are cut from natural wood branches)
    • 2 Bonus items: 'Soak and Radiate / Change the World' and 'Be Uniquely You' reminders

    Pray with us? 

    Father God, spill out your love, truth, and light through these words. Take this simple offering, and breathe your life and spirit into all who meditate on these words, definitions, and prayers. Let your holy spirit flow through us, Lord. Always for Your glory. Amen. 

    You are unique. There is a way about you that belongs to only you. How you soak in and radiate his love, truth and light will also be unique. Your unique way will reflect your gifts, your struggles, and your life. Likewise, there is no 'right way' to use your Encouraging Words set. Our prayer is for each word to help you recognize the sound of His still small voice. How you use them is up to you. We trust the simplicity of each card to be a tool in God's hand. Let God pour into you as you take time to soak in each word, definition, and prayer.