by Deep Blue Graphics, Inc.

Our story is 

{You} are unique.

Just as you are this very minute.
You don't need to change anything about yourself. 

You are already unique. Different than any human ever created.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made. The Creator of our entire universe built you himself.
How incredible and unique you are! (Psalm 139) 

{He} had you in mind 

Our Creator built you in this exact way for His unique purpose. Take a moment with us and let verse 16 of Psalm 139 sink deep into your heart... 

Lord, You see all things;
      You saw me growing, changing in my mother’s womb;
Every detail of my life was already written in Your book;

You established the length of my life before I ever tasted the sweetness of it.
-Psalm 139:16 The Voice

God's purpose for you is as perfectly crafted as you are, and vitally important to his Kingdom. We don't need you to change who you are. We need you to simply BE who you are. 

Make time to sit with God and soak in his love for you. Pray for wisdom, clarity, guidance, and discernment. (We're already praying these over you!) What does He say to you? What unique thing did he build into your DNA? What purpose might He have created you for? Ask Him to reveal it to you. When you've heard his still small voice whisper to your heart, 'THIS is the way'... pray for courage, bold faith, and trust in His provision and direction. (We're already praying these over you!)  Now go live in His unique purpose for you! Start small, and make it your mission to follow the direction He's pointing. Radiate His love, truth, and light into your world. 

{Soak Up} God's love, truth, and light

We love how the NLT phrases it in Colossians 3:10: 


{Radiate} His love and light. 

Matthew 5:10 in the NIV says it best: 

We're here to help you recognize and live out the unique purpose God planned just for you. We're here to pray for you, encourage you, and equip you as you follow Him. Each of our products is intentionally curated to encourage and equip you. Reminders to soak in and radiate His love, truth and light. That's us in a nutshell. 
Start by soaking in God's love and Truth. Then respond by radiating His love, truth, and light into our hurting world. We like to think of it as an endless loop:

We need you out there, radiating God's love, truth and light in your own particular way! 

We can't wait to see you change the world. 

Always for His glory.